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How I can help
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I work with a wide range of difficulties.  I specialise in helping people overcome past trauma, plus issues linked to subtle or ‘unseen’ early experiences, like childhood emotional neglect.


People come for therapy for lots of reasons. Some have gone through distressing events that leave deep emotional scars. Their struggle might show up as arguments or fears of rejection. There may be loneliness, because relationships feel disconnected rather than close. Life might feel joyless or unsatisfying. They might notice painful patterns, like people-pleasing or self-criticism. 


Other people aren’t necessarily aware of having gone through a specific event that could make sense of how they feel. They may feel more troubled by coping strategies that no longer work for them, or have become uncontrollable, like over- or under-eating, perfectionism or avoidance. Lots of effort might go into seeming “normal” and functional on the outside. Privately, on the inside, there might be hidden feelings of anxiety, depression, anger or shame.


I’ve helped many clients overcome issues such as: 


  • chronic depression or anxiety

  • feeling that life lacks is pleasure, is unsatisfying

  • overwork or perfectionism

  • anger, sadness, numbness

  • eating disorders

  • shame, self-criticism, self-esteem

  • troubled relationships

  • toxic parenting / narcissistic abuse

  • attachment trauma / relational trauma

  • childhood emotional neglect (CEN)

  • complex trauma, complex PTSD (cPTSD / trauma in childhood)


If you are struggling and would like to see if I could help, please contact me to discuss.

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